Smart Grid Congress Latin America 2017

Meet 2017 Event Sponsors

Together, Honeywell Smart Energy, its partners, and its customers are fundamentally reshaping the way the world uses energy. We enable utilities to deploy advanced capabilities that transform operations, reliability, and environmental sustainability while also providing solutions to engage your
customers in a more meaningful way.

A global leader in connected solutions from generation to consumption, Honeywell Smart Energy dynamically manages energy and cost-effectively improves both efficiency and dependability.

Cisco is the world technology leader that enables people to make powerful connections-whether in business, education, philanthropy, or creativity. Its talent, products and partners help society connect and leverage the digital opportunity; especially in an era where the need to find different sustainable forms of energy generation, has forced the entire industry to seek new models to achieve this. That’s why, Cisco has developed technology to boost Smart Grids; a secure, scalable foundation that enables energy companies to easily connect with their ecosystems and tie production to demand with immediacy, and offer unmatched depth and breadth of security, connectivity, and system visibility end to end.


Cisco is a company committed to the society, and for that reason, focuses on developing solutions that positively impact its environment. There’s never been a better time to do it.


SAP es el líder del mercado en software de aplicaciones empresariales, ayudando a empresas de todos los tamaños e industrias a funcionar mejor. Desde la back office hasta la sala de juntas, del almacén a la tienda, del escritorio al dispositivo móvil, SAP permite a las personas y organizaciones trabajar juntos de manera más eficiente y utilizar la información empresarial de manera más eficaz para mantenerse a la vanguardia. Es una multinacional visionaria que busca contribuir para que el mundo funcione mejor a partir del impacto positivo en la vida de las personas, para ayudar a resolver algunos de los problemas más complejos de la mano de la tecnología. A través de todo su portafolio de soluciones, SAP permite a las empresas re imaginar y simplificar los procesos de sus diversas áreas.



SAP is a leader in the global market for enterprise software applications, helping companies of all sizes and industries to run better. From the back office to the boardroom, from the store to the shop, from the desktop to the mobile device, SAP enables people and organizations to work together, more efficiently and using business information to stay ahead. It is an international and visionary company that contributes to make the world run better through the positive impact in people’s lives and to help solve some of the most complex problems through technology. Within its portfolio of solutions, SAP enables companies to re imagine and simplify processes in their different departments.

ABB enables the grid of the future, shaping a stronger, smarter and greener power grid. Our pioneering technologies help our customers improve performance, capacity, reliability, efficiency and profitability, while lowering environmental impact. With a heritage of technology and innovation since 1883, we’ve been working closely with utility customers to write the future of industrial digitalization. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution gathers momentum, these new technologies allow our customers to capitalize on the efficiency and performance improvements that digitalization delivers today. No other smart grid solution partner is poised to offer the breadth of systems, equipment, software and communications technologies.

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